09.16 👍👎

September had a lot of cool stuff in it, as well as some 'eh.' Let's review.

Thumbs Up

Black Sails. Seriously, it's a prequel to Treasure Island, with an all South-African cast and LGBTQ+ representation. It's on the violent, sexy side, but the writing is incredible and the story is complex and addictive.

Star Trek: DS9. Honestly, I wasn't expecting much, since this series takes place on a space station as opposed to the far reaches of the galaxy. But, although there are definitely filler episodes, the characters are solid and the overarching WW2 allegory with the Cardassian occupation of Bajor is very politically charged and interesting. And I have a massive crush on Major Kira, so that helps me get through the station repairs and treaty discussions. ;)

New Avett Brothers and Passenger albums (see Month in Music)
Worship songs, especially these two...
                 Praise the Lord, Ye Heavens - Harvest ft. Young Oceans
                 Power to Redeem - Lauren Daigle

Pumpkin Pie coffee. Since I switched to soy, I can't do actual PSLs. But this coffee has the spice without the syrup. A+

Deborah Lippmann nail polish in Naked. It's the perfect tone, although I might dupe it next time because it's pricey.
NYX Liquid Suede and Lip Lingerie liquid lipsticks. These made me actually want to wear lipstick. Matte, not drying, cheap, AND cruelty-free!

Ticket to Ride. To be fair, this is a summer favourite as well, but it's just so good! And everyone who comes to the Board Room with me knows I will want to play it.

Going back to university! After the first couple weeks of the college program I was in, it didn't feel like a good fit (a lot was review, and it was expensive). I ended up re-enrolling at Dal to finish my undergrad, majoring in Statistics with minors in Bioethics and Health Studies. I'm excited for the challenge and the opportunity to finish something that's been left undone for several years.

Thumbs Down

Apple Pie coffee. Let this be a lesson, presence of "pie" in the name does not guarantee good, or even palatable, coffee. This tastes like stale applesauce with base notes of instant coffee powder.

OUAT 6th season premiere/episodes past season 3 in general. I'm trying, really. I read all the fanfic, I try not to take the fairytale show too seriously. But rewatching the first 3 seasons has made it abundantly clear that this show, while once charmingly kooky, is now so far off the rails that I think a cliff-dive is in its near future. It had so much promise, but the logic is completely ridiculous, the dialogue is laughable, everyone is related for no reason, whole character arcs are invalidated by lazy plotholes, and the LGBTQ+ "representation" (there will probably be a longer post on this at some point) is somehow both barely there AND as subtle as an ax to the foot.

Being between sizes sucks. I am exactly halfway between size 18 and 20 at the moment, and this means all my pants either compress my internal organs or fall down at the suggestion of a breeze. I'm getting into the belt game, but man. Not impressed.

Going back to college and realizing I wanted to be in university instead! While I'm happy with how this turned out, it was less than no fun to undo all of the documentation, scheduling, and loan applications attached to that college program. And I'm still a bit in the deer in headlights phase of once again being a student of higher learning. Let's assume I won't still be saying that in October's review (please?).

09.16 No hard feelings

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