Cast Off Your Leaves


Cast Off Your Leaves

I am a naked tree
Howling winds have taken each leaf
Leaving me, to all onlookers
A frail, empty vessel
But I know something they do not

I know those leaves were but spent ideas
Dreams and plans lived and worked
And coaxed and pled with
Indeed, with such vigor and zeal
As to drain the green away

Green means inexperience, newness, beginning
And while it’s hopeful and light
There is something reverent and deep
About the dark crumbling, the unapologetic falling

The divestment of the old
In preparation for the new
Like the closing of drapes and dousing of lamps
As day fades into night

Not every idea ends the same
Some fall in pleasant yellow
With immediate but short-lived warmth
Others in hazy orange, slow burning and lingering
Still more in bloody red
With harsh but necessary decisiveness

Yet all, in falling, create a fertile bed
A resting place that will sustain the new ideas
Of seasons to come

So yes, for the moment
I am naked and vulnerable and blown about
But autumn teaches me over and over
The indefinable power
Of having nothing to lose
And everything to gain.




Go from this place.