LU: March 2017

In roughly chronological order…

1. We moved into a new place. It’s still in a great neighbourhood, but is much cheaper and has utilities included.

2. It’s also Planet Organic adjacent, and I now know the true meaning of the phrase, “It hurts so good.”

3. I’ve gotten to try some more vegan foods as a result. I have already found amazing substitutes for cheese slices and breakfast sausage.

4. After spending 2 weeks with an open-concept living room, we finally got an extra-long curtain rod. In a fit of homesickness/good taste, I got the exact same curtains I had in my Halifax apartment.

5. I forgot how dry it is. Snow removal consists of a dude with a vacuum-thing casually blowing the fluffy snow off the sidewalk. And my skin gets incredibly angry if I even think of skipping moisturizer.

6. It was cold enough that I stuck my tongue to my zipper while trying to lick my lips. It only lasted a second, but I definitely went, “Stuck, stuuuuck!” anyway.

7. I got a library card despite the downtown location being under construction. Holds can still be delivered, so that’s all that matters. I’m also using my amazing Spirited Away tote as a designated library bag (thanks, Mom!).

8. I decided to abstain from buying cosmetics and clothing for Lent. It’s not that I think these things are inherently bad, but I know that I tend to use purchases as a stress relief/coping mechanism. So I figured for Lent it would make sense to limit these and refocus on faith in God when I feel weak or worried.

9. I had a very promising job interview, which I am at this very moment waiting to hear back about. It would be a very good thing for me, but I’m also trying to prepare myself if it isn’t the right fit.

10. As a result of all of the above, I have been somewhat less social than I’d like. If you know me personally and are hoping to see me, know that I am almost there. I just need to feel like I have a handle on what’s on my plate before adding more (even awesome things).

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