Poem: An Open Letter on Pride

Poem: An Open Letter on Pride

"But pride is a sin!" their love compelled them to say
If you reject God's will, power, Word
You are proud.

When their attempts at love couldn't make me unknow myself,
We parted ways, at least on earthly planes
But if we ever speak again, I won't nod outwardly
And cower inwardly.

I will tell them that the pride they deride
Has brought me closer to God
Than His people ever did

That pride introduced me to a loving, diverse, justice-focused force
A radical, vocal, quiet storm that destroys and rebuilds
A brighter, warmer, stronger light which looks at darkness
And says, "We can do better."

It gifted me with a more complete God
One whose creativity and compassion come from common springs
Who pours out grace and justice from measureless cups
And listens, teaches, loves without condition

Pride showed me that I am borne of that image
That God knew the world would need me, us
Our softness and strength, capacity to love more and discriminate less
We have been given a sacred vision, a calling
To speak and hold and cry and stand - with, for, behind, and beside.

All of this is from God, all of it is on purpose
All of it is good, good, good.

So if our paths align once more
And they protest, chastise, lament these wondrous things
That God has done, is doing, and will do

I will breathe. I will smile.
And I will say,
We are pride.


Wishing everyone a safe and happy pride month!

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