LU: July 2017

So it’s been a minute (ahem, 5 months) since I’ve done one of these. And as I tend to use Facebook to share pithy observations of day to day life rather than, you know, actual news of what’s going on, I figure I should periodically recount the goings on for those who are interested. Thus, here is a short-form recap of the last few months.

1. My 27th birthday is looming, and I’m feeling pretty good about where I am. Although I’m coming off a year off work/a move and therefore still a bit “behind”, I know I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and confidence in both that experience and the aftermath. As I remarked to one friend, “If I had resources, I’d be using them so responsibly right now!”

2. I got a new laptop finally, though I haven’t yet managed to change the keyboard layout from British. This means the @ symbol and quotation marks are reversed and I have a £ symbol instead of hashtag. Some might say reduced use of hashtag ___ is a good thing.

3. I’m working on a series of vegan reviews pertaining to food, personal care products, and cosmetics, which will be kicking off VERY SOON (hopefully this week). I feel that I’m at a place where I’ve tried enough things to have some perspective that will help others. Plus, there are some things I love so much that everyone should have been using them yesterday.

4. I’ve been very busy in my role of Worship/Tech Lead for Haven. Basically, I choose all the music, create chord sheets in good keys, test them on my own with guitar/vocal, organize practices, and sing at each service. Oh, and I’m creating an extensive Google Drive for Haven as well, which currently including all chords, lyrics sheets (for slides), and a master list detailing song info like key, hymn/contemporary, gender-neutral or not, and general themes/place in service.

As we’re meant to be evangelical-focused, and not many involved are actually from that tradition, I’m finding God has really decided to use all my background in worship music, media, and of course, a couple decades’ worth of being raised by a worship leader (thanks, Dad!).

5. The above is where most of my creative/organizational energy has been going (sorry blog!). 

6. We also finally got a home printer, after several months of my remarking that it would be a good purchase. Of course, once Joe needed to print a concert ticket, the suggestion quickly became a top line item. ;) We also acquired tower fans during the hottest week of the year and life has been remarkably worth living ever since.

7. Work continues to be great in that I am called on to help out whenever someone is on vacation. This means that I never have the same work month twice, which keeps things interesting and me motivated.

8. I watched Moana! And proceeded to binge the soundtrack at work for a good 2 weeks. The line "The people you love will change you" is still rattling around in my mind.

9. I finished reading A Study in Scarlet (the first Sherlock Holmes novel) and was incredibly surprised when the second half abruptly left Watson’s point of view and became an account of early Mormons and religious conflict in Salt Lake City. It eventually came back around to the standard “and now we reveal the murderer”, but yeah, I was mighty confused for a bit.

10. I attended/participated in my first Edmonton Pride Parade. Rainy, but so lovely, with a very “local sports team returns to small town in victory” kind of feel.

11. I realized I’ll have to read 1.6 books a week for the rest of the year to make my reading challenge. Doable, right? I do at least have 3 on the go and ~15 or 20 mapped out. Kind of banking on a lot of reading time at home in December...

12. I started using Mint to budget/save/keep track of my finances and it’s AWESOME, especially if you have accounts/loans with several different establishments. It collects all of it, forecasts budgeting, tracks your progress on goals, and just generally keeps you more on top of things without having to cobble together an Excel spreadsheet like a peasant.

13. I finally visited West Edmonton Mall. The ice rink was under construction, which probably lessened the impact, but I had a great time.

14. I saw a screening of the Avett Brothers documentary "Make it Last" and if at all possible, fell in love with them and their music even more. It’s a wonderful feeling to support talented artists who are also deep, spiritual, philosophical people.

15. I’m saving for a trip home in December. I’m immensely grateful to be working full time but with the flexibility of a casual, so provided I plan and save accordingly, I’ll be able to take a good long break at Christmas.

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