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Hi there! As you may know, I’ve been slowly going vegan for about a year now. While my diet is a major part of that, the initial change began with cosmetics/personal care products. As I became aware of animal testing and the misinformation surrounding those practices (see my pieces HERE and HERE for more info on going cruelty-free), I decided to start making different choices in that area of my life.

I basically went cold turkey on non-CF makeup and personal care products, and over time I’ve been transitioning to using only vegan products as well (the pieces mentioned above explain the terms cruelty-free and vegan more fully). Although this series will get into vegan food recommendations eventually, I'm going to begin with personal care and cosmetics. I figured it made sense to start where I actually started making these changes. Cool? Cool.

A little explanation and all the disclaimers.

  • Switching to CF + vegan personal care and cosmetics has been great for my finances, as I used to love trying out ALL THE MAKEUP and ALL THE PRODUCTS. Although there are still plenty of options in varying price ranges, I find that I am more likely to introduce new products sparingly and really evaluate their worth to me with a focus I couldn’t have had before.
  • The items below have been gathered from over a year of testing, so they’re not given with the expectation that you would get all of the things at once. Rather, I’ve tried to give a couple of good recommendations for each kind of product and to let to you know of anything that really didn’t work (if that applies).
  • Most of the products I’m recommending are in the generally affordable/mid-range of prices, with one or two higher end ones here and there. Because CF and especially vegan products can be less available in drugstores, they tend to start slightly higher in price. However, I am willing to pay a little more for certain things in exchange for peace of mind that the product has been ethically produced and tested. I also value the power that my consumer choices have towards showing companies these things are a priority.
  • I will do my best to let you know price ranges/where I purchase things. As a general note, Winners is a great place to find CF + vegan products at much lower prices. I found this very useful when I started out testing new products.
  • All of the companies mentioned are cruelty-free (do not engage in animal testome of these products come from fully vegan lines (Kiss My Face) and others are just single vegan products (LUSH marks its vegan products with a large V). However, it was very easy to determine the vegan status of these products just by googling or checking, so don’t feel like you can’t branch out from here.
  • Personally, I enjoy fairly gender-neutral, light scents (citrus, mint, lavender, etc.). I *may* have been slightly overzealous in describing the scents, but for me, those can be deal-breakers! I like minimal, versatile products, and in the case of makeup, I prefer to emphasize healthy looking skin and define a few features over a very made-up appearance.
  • Lastly, my experience with these products is entirely my own, and yours may differ significantly!

Stay tuned for the first installment of this series!

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