I've finally collected a proper list of all my favourite makeup products. All of these are cruelty-free brands and each individual product is also vegan. There are higher end and drugstore options for everything, and these are all products I use on a daily basis.

To keep in mind...
I am a nonbinary person, and while I enjoy makeup, my main goal in using it is to look like a well-rested person with good skin.
Despite this, I like to have lots of options. You can now benefit from this *tiny* idiosyncrasy.
I have combination skin that leans toward dry.
My tendency is to work with natural oils as they arise instead of attempting to be completely mattified.
I find the routine of doing makeup and skin care very therapeutic, and while maybe not all of these steps are "necessary", I enjoy them.
We should all do what works for us, right?


Smashbox Primerizer
I am in love with this stuff. It's the only thing I still buy from Sephora on a regular basis. It's basically a priming moisturizer, which I tend to use in place of both of those steps. I usually go for hydrating primers, and this one feels great on the skin, has a very light scent, and has just enough of a tackiness to hold other products to your face.

Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer
Another (even more stupidly) spendy primer. I actually only buy this in travel size. It's a very loose, kind of runny consistency, but it just gives the best glow and definitely does prolong the wear of the rest of my makeup.

Andalou Naturals BB Cream (very, very slightly tinted)
This brand can be found at health food stores, but often at Winners as well. It's more moderately priced, AND comes in 60mL as opposed to the standard 30mL for base products. This one also has the benefit of SPF.

LUSH Magical Moringa
This is a strange product. It comes in solid form, but when warmed between your fingers, it become oily. Once applied, it dries to a powdery finish. It has a nice herbal scent, and makes makeup go on so smoothly. Plus, it lasts forever.

E.L.F Primer
As far as drugstore goes, vegan primers are harder to come by. The E.L.F line has lots of options, most on the more silicone end of things. I've never had a problem with them - just wish the packaging was a little less bulky for the amount of product you actually get.


Andalou Naturals BB Cream (Natural Tint)
Ok, bear with me, because I know one person probably doesn't need 4 base options. But there's method to the madness, I promise. I use this one when I want literally no coverage. This is tinted, but really doesn't look it. This is for, "I'm having a great skin day and I just want SPF, some glow, and something for my powders to sit on nicely."

E.L.F Foundation Serum
The first time I used this, I hated it. Like the one above, it has almost no coverage. It's very thin, and kind of watery, and even the fair shade has a yellowish tint to it. But I was wrong, friends. The slight yellowness doesn't show up as such on the face, but rather hides moderate redness. This also has a nice slip to it, so that everything lays on it easily. Concealer especially blends in great and doesn't look odd over this. I wear this on "I'm in a hurry and want to wear bronzer and eyebrows, but also not look like my face is weirdly dry" days. It's impossible to mess up.

The Ordinary Serum Foundation
Okay, so I’m OBSESSED with this. The Ordinary is a brand based out of Toronto which broke the internet with its "ultra affordable but high end" foundation. It had a waiting list of 20k plus people in the UK. I found out that it's Canadian and literally costs $6.90. Plus, all of their products are vegan. I LOVE this because it's slightly thinner in consistency, but gives a lot of coverage (a solid medium). This is what I wear when I want a higher level of coverage, but not to look too matte or "done".

Face Atelier Ultra Foundation
Another Canadian-based company that recently went entirely vegan! (Go you!) This is another kind of odd product, because it's designed to be used without primer. That is, the foundation itself has a sticky, silicone texture to it. This is another one that leans a little yellow, but again, I find on me this mostly just neutralizes redness. FA is a makeup-artist focused brand, and that means they have lots of shades (from very light to very deep) as well as light/dark mixers to custom make a shade for literally anyone. This is my "occasion" base, because it definitely looks more made up than any of the others, but is still reliable and easy to wear.


E.L.F Undereye Concealer and Highlighter
This is the only concealer I use currently. It costs 4$ and comes as a double-ended concealer and highlighter. I buy two at a time and swap them so that I have a double concealer. The highlighter is pretty useless, but it's such a bargain that I deal with it. I like this because it's very brightening and actually light enough for me. It doesn't have a lot of coverage, but since I refuse to pay 30$ for concealer at Sephora, I make do with this one. If you need more coverage, it may not be the best option, but it works for my needs.


Wet n' Wild Photofocus Setting Powder
Current favourite. This has a shade (I think it's called Warm Light), so it's not completely translucent, but it doesn't really give additional coverage. I'm enjoying this a lot because it sets the face without emphasizing dry patches. It also somehow gives a bit of a glow/blurring effect. This line of products was also specifically formulated not to cause flashback in photos if that is of concern.

E.L.F HD Setting Powder (Pressed or Loose)
This is the best vegan translucent powder I've used. I prefer the loose one, though it is a bit of a headache because it can be messy. Both the pressed and loose ones could also benefit from less bulky packaging (kind of an issue with this brand, which I'll address further once I get to skin care). But this works very well and is inexpensive.

NYX Matte Not Flat Powder Foundation/Banana Setting Powder
For days when I'm doing one of those no-base-bases, I sometimes use the NYX powder foundation to add a hint more coverage. It's very soft and glides onto the skin nicely. I've also liked their banana powder for brightening under the eyes. It can be a bit tricky to verify which NYX products are vegan (it's all cruelty free,  though) so I don't buy from them as much as I used to.

Setting Spray

Smashbox Photofinish Primer Water
Like the Primerizer, I just can't stop with this. It falls more into the category of setting spray (which helps blend products to take away that powdery look on the face) than actual fixing spray (alcohol-based, meant to extend makeup wear). I haven't actually used this as a "priming spray" because I refuse to believe that is a valid step. But gosh, it just has the same kind of scent as the Primerizer, like glycerin-y or something, where it's relaxing and your face looks smoother and feels refreshed.

Kat Von D Lock-It Setting Mist
I've only tried a travel size of this, but it has the best mister ever. Like, it feels like you're walking through a gentle cloud of cucumber vapour (that's the scent). I have noticed that this prolongs my makeup wear, but can be a touch dry looking.

Physician's Formula Instaready Setting Spray
For drugstore, I quite like this setting spray. It has a good mister, and is more of a proper fixing spray at an affordable price. It will last a long time as well, because you only need a couple of sprays and your face is set.

NYX Matte Setting Spray
I've used this on and off, and I like it for when I'm wearing a fuller face of makeup and really do need it to stay in place. I actually read a hilarious tumblr post where someone left a review on this product telling about how they got into a car accident, got rushed to the hospital, and 48 hours later, their makeup still looked flawless. I don't need that kind of performance, but dang.

Stay tuned for bronzer/contour, blush, eyes/eyebrows, and lip products! And do let me know if you've tried any of these, what you thought, etc.


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