Infinity - George S. Wickens

I paused for a minute to ponder the infinite
The worlds by the millions that race -
Approaching, receding, majestically speeding
Through the measureless reaches of space.

Suns numberless, whirling,
Huge white-hot flames hurling
Far out in the fearful deep
Unendingly turning, eternally burning
While onward the ages sweep.

Down at the beginning, great galaxies spinning
Vast ferris wheels, beautiful, bright
Whose suns by the millions, the billions of trillions
Blaze out in the dreadful night.

As breathless, beholding these marvels unfolding
All at once, how they pale and I cry
When I think of the love of the Saviour above
Who died for a speck such as I.


Various - Ena Ganguly