Various - Ena Ganguly

On Bigotry
The same men
Who have clipped
the wings of
their women
Will say
they prefer those
Who can fly.

On Healing
I wish to hear your story.
If you cannot speak,
I wish you words.
If you do not wish
To speak
I wish you healing silence.

On Reclamation
The price of reclaiming yourself
Is to lose those friends who have
Consistently snatched air from you
And called it breathing.

On Self-Consciousness
I stood, naked
Looked at my insecurities
Right in the gaze
What are you going to do?

Stripped myself of all delusions
Unbraided false affection from love
What can harm me now?

I decorated myself
With honesty and vulnerability
And my God, do I wear it well.

I want a love
That takes me home
Deeper into myself

I'm not looking
For that love
In someone else's arms.

On an Ex
The moment you uttered my name
I knew who you were
I knew the truth of you
And what a lie that was.

A floating lotus flower
Dances across muddy waters
A voice disappears into the petals
A caressing silence blooms in soft mouth

Who is around me, you ask
Loneliness, I want to say
The best kind I have ever experienced.

Infinity - George S. Wickens

A Gay Poem - Keith Jarrett